The Corners Kids

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We believe that Jesus wants every kid to grow in awareness of who He is, knowledge of His great love for them, understanding of how He longs to be in a deep relationship with Him as part of his forever family, and passion to tell others about Jesus.  Our goal is to plant and water seeds of faith by providing engaging, developmentally - appropriate Bible lessons that are reinforced by a theme, games, object lessons, scripture memory verses, songs, skits, and songs. Our curriculum corresponds with what the adults are learning in the worship service. This enables families to continue to be the primary discipleship persons for their children.


Newborn - 23 months
In this class, our trained team members will accompany your child as they begin to explore the world into which they have been born.  Explorations involve free play and igniting the awareness of who God is through reading Bible stories, singing songs, and praying for the kids and families we serve.


Two's & Threes
In this class your child continues to be fascinated
about and observe how things work and how they, themselves, fit into the world. Team members foster excitement about learning who they are and who is God. Wonderers have free play, an age appropriate curriculum where they learn Bible stories, sing songs, pray, and make a craft that reinforces the lesson.


Four year olds - Kindergarten class.
In Adventurers, our preschoolers go beyond mere observation to fully experience learning through greater participation and
engagement with the Biblical curriculum. Your child will not only hear the Bible stories, sing the worship songs, and pray, but they are challenged by our team members to retain and integrate the content they are learning into their daily lives.


1st grade - 3rd grade
After our Dreamers start out in worship service with their families, these boys and girls head to class to continue to grow in their understanding of the love that Jesus has for each of them and His desire to have them know Him personally. Our goal is to assist your child as they begin to develop the spiritual disciplines of reading the Bible--in class and at home--prayer, and reflecting on the Word, both with their peers and alone with the Lord.


4th grade - 6th grade
Transformers also start out in worship service with their families. After returning to class, not only will your child be challenged to grow in their awareness and knowledge of Jesus, but they will be encouraged to find a deep relationship with Him through personal Bible reading, worship, prayer and service. Our Transformers are given the opportunity to serve, alongside their parents, as helpers within the children’s ministry. At the end of the summer they are promoted to Student Ministry, where we pray they will find a deeper awareness of, and  relationship  with, Jesus Christ.

See what our Corners Kids are learning!

Whether you’re watching  online or wanting to continue the conversation with your kids at home, we invite you to check out the Corners Kids section on our YouTube channel! Here, you’ll see what we’re learning each week and how you can engage your children at home during the week.