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Mozambique Mission  '24

This summer, our church has the amazing opportunity to go to Mozambique, Africa, on a mission trip that promises to be truly transformative. We're embarking on a journey to engage in Outreach & Evangelism, Prayer & Partnership, Discipleship Training, and so much more. However, we can't do it alone. Your support is crucial in making this mission trip a reality. By giving directly to this trip, you are joining us in spreading the love of Christ and making a meaningful impact in Mozambique.

Please click the link below to give to this trip.  You can give directly to individual participants on this trip, or you can give to the trip as a whole.

*Note - If you would like to remain anonymous, please check the box that indicates as such.  However, we still need your name and details for tax reasons. The recipient of your donation won't see this information."